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I would like to ask you that at every line you defend the official official of FCI, if in an important international dog show, the president of FCI, Rafael De Santiago, as well as the expert judge of greyhounds Arabs, comes to reward this exemplary, visibly undernourished, objectively Sad and deeply uncomfortable, it means that the has reached a level of low and squalor without equal.

What’s ethical and moral about all this? The International Canine Federation would have the task of protecting all dogs, psychologically, emotionally and physically, but it is clear, for a long time, that it is only a machine to do business, where the only interests are only those of human beings!

Of course, if it was a non-official race, you would have broken the world, but everyone here is silent. Look carefully at this picture and the eyes of this dog and I defy anyone not to feel a deep sorrow and an immense sense of frustration, now I want to ask you, but do you really want to force this system to still call it the official canines? You really want to be a part of this? Did you really get into this do? So that means you’re like them…

We change things, let’s do it together …. Is official what everyone makes official … Change you can, are you to decide when !!!

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