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The WDF is a very ambitious project that intends to bring on the world stage a variation of course, in fact defined as the World Federation of the Science of the dog was born from the collaboration of States such as Slovakia and Italy that together they decided to To carry out a real project of health of the dog of race, in fact today in many institutions is not put into practice because, the same devote more attention to the beauty of the dog. Many are the states that must be involved in the project and the work is hard and arduous, but with the right intentions. So far, the qualities needed to be part of it are: effective birth control; Storage of biological samples, DNA; Control of hereditary diseases before reproducing subjects; Approved patents for character tests to be conducted for all races. Selection of breeding and professionalization of breeders through training courses that will make breeding in all professional sectors. Work test for work and hunting breeds. So the unique objectives of the states that want to adhere to the project are the control, selection and improvement of the breeds, under a unique genetic profile.

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