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The current President of the Federation Mr. Ciro Boiano

The association registered as an International Federation for the Genetic Protection of Canine Breeds adopts the name “World Dog Federation” with the acronym “WDF“, according to the statutes deposited in the registers of the Italian Ministry.
its registered office is: Via DIfesa 1/A, Roccarainola NA 80030, its President in office is Mr. Ciro Boiano email address ( with a public website (https: //
Established in 2017 by a project of selection and reclassification of genetic protection with the name: “World Canine Science Federation” it was recognized and registered in 2021.
Yours is an ambitious and unique project as it aims to create a worldwide consultation register where each Member State records its selection for well-defined genetic protection statistics to eliminate all genetic defects of occult diseases affecting dog breeds such as dysplasia of various types, eye disease, congenital heart defects and other problems.
in 2023 you will be able to access through the site a section created ad hoc to view the statistics of the global selection rate.
The WDF was the first federation associated with the healthy cynology project of the ICBD Club Italiano Cani di Razza, which created the formula “NFB – Not For Breeding” which allows the traces of all non-reproducible individuals to be traced at an international level, and therefore, thanks to extensive research, it was possible to create a selection method even among those who followed the formula of breeders not recognized by the FCI, thus leading them to professionalisation, to have control over all breeds not recognized by the FCI and guide them towards control for sound playback.
To date, the WDF recognizes its official breed standards which include approximately 378 breeds recognized using the established standard and plans to recognize more breeds next year, but recognition of a specific breed will follow a very selective recognition program as the breeds approved must have an appropriate zootechnical purpose and be designed to meet the criteria set by animal welfare legislation.
WDF recognizes 10 groups of breeds divided by morphological and functional function, the groups are composed as follows:
Many of the breeds recognized by the WDF are not currently recognized by the FCI, such as group 4 Bull type dogs, breeds which are however recognized as official breeds in other countries of origin, thus maintaining the ethical principle that if a breed is duly registered as such in a state of origin the standard must be officially recognized in a world beyond political schemes and economic interests at the same time.
The WDF recognizes its Official Breeding Experts called WDF Federation Judges and trains the new ones through a system of studies and qualifications after a careful control of exams and apprenticeships, these professional figures are and will be controllers in the farms and progress in them, they will guide the guidelines to obtain the best possible zootechnical quality.
Currently, the WDF has duly registered members of nationality with national status who are working on the implementation of the project of genetic selection of dog breeds, the members can be seen on the website:
For 2023, numerous events of international importance are planned in the Member States, which aim to monitor and guide breeders in choosing the best topics and in the professional training of newbies who approach the world of professional cynology.
the calendar is constantly updated and visible on the website:

President of WDF
Mr. Ciro Boiano

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