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After careful investigations, we have reasonable reasons to believe that behind the lies that have led the president to have to suffer very serious public accusations there is the work of a shady character sadly known to us, it would in fact be Fatih Pehlivan, who would have acted behind the back of President Boiano Ciro.

In fact, it is known to all how the figure of Pehlivan has crept into the WDF like a parasite to gain visibility and credibility, strangely after the accusations made against our president that forced him to forcibly distance himself from the leadership of the WDF, or Fatih Pehlivan himself created an association promoting it as a substitute for the WDF, contacting everyone secretly through private messages already a few hours after the incident, so we are formally proceeding with legal action against Pehlivan himself and his accomplices, pay attention to this person who we remember in February had been expelled from WDF for very serious actions committed against the member states.

A large number of people are coming forward these days with material evidence against this thesis.

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