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The work of the WDF will never stop, the process that gave way to this formidable project of worldwide remediation of the genetic defects that afflict the world of dogs was wanted as such, by its creator mr. Ciro Boiano. In fact, even when one or more countries choose to pull out, the project will not be affected except in that country, where another Kennel Club will take its place. The world needs this federation too much, in fact, today after the events that involved the founder in Italy, the federation is carried on by other administrators.

For all the info you can contact WDF Vice President Mr. Ahmed Houssein. A big thank you for the work they are doing to the Chief Administrator Mr. Walid Souhail, and to all the active members of the WDF circuit, to those who did not give up in a difficult time and supported our President with their hard work in carrying out the common dream of all of us. We would like to thank all the Kennel Clubs who have chosen to stand by WDF.

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