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The WDF world federation is especially keen to let you know that for us the selection of dog breeds is a very important ethical principle, and in addition to the breeds listed in the list recognized with an official standard for the WDF, we do not in any way recognize crossbreed subjects that are proposed for sale as “Mix” breed dogs this is not only incorrect for legal purposes as per European regulations, but goes against our fundamental ethical values.

therefore be wary of dog breeds that are not certified as such.

here are some examples currently not recognized by the WDF:

Shihpoo – Cavapoo – Maltipoo – Labradoodle.

if there is no zoognostic study behind them, these species are defined as Crossbreeds without any zootechnical value.

In the future only after an adequate study and a correct use of the selection techniques, if the fundamental requisites exist, will it be possible to carry out an adequate experimental register to finalize the standard of a breed that has homogeneity of breeding and that no longer needs to mix other breeds to it, but exclusively for the purpose of creating a breed useful to man for the purposes established by the internal regulations of utility and protection of the breed itself.

Thank you.

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