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It is now a certainty, the thick personalities of the world of entertainment, sport and politics want the best when choosing a puppy, and the fact of getting a puppy dog ​​with WDF certification is a guarantee for them that they choose selected puppies and with a controlled genetic heritage behind us, in order not to run into unpleasant situations, among the various artists and VIPs we had the pleasure of seeing a French Bulldog puppy from the Slovak kennel “I Cuccioli di Carlotta” parading on the catwalk of the Cannes Festival at leash of his mistress Anna la Germaine a London entrepreneur specializing in fashion, luxury,

and lifestyle. Her philosophy is centered on men, and in 2011 she founded Fashion Politique.

The former model has had a thousand lives. Through her digital magazine F’OLITIQUE and her activity as a producer, Anna La Germaine combines fashion and politics, discovers new talents and collaborates with the most influential media.

In addition to her, there have been many well-known personalities who have chosen WDF as an absolute guarantee.

In addition to her, there have been many well-known personalities who have chosen WDF as an absolute guarantee, just to mention the names of some characters from the show and cinema, but also of world music in order there are: Jamie Foxx American actor, Stefano Bettarini television personality and former football player, Ronald Ortiz-Magro better known as Ronnie American television personality, Ignazio Boschetto is one of the three tenors of “Il Volo” trio now known all over the world, Enrico Papi is a conductor Italian television and television author, Emma Marrone also known as Emma pseudonym of Emmanuela Marrone Italian singer and actress, Gerard James Butler Scottish actor and film producer, Rachele Risaliti former model and teacher of Italian rhythmic gymnastics winner of the 77th edition of the Miss Italia beauty contest 2016, and many others but the list would be very long, just for sports lovers we name some sports like, Cristian Zapata, Federica Pellegrini, Radja Nainggolan, Simone Zaza, Erik Herrera, Papu Gomez, the coach Carlo Ancelotti, Vanja Milinković-Savić, Filippo Magnini, but again the list is luinga, many WDF pedigreed dogs have also participated in important roles as protagonists in films and TV series, in short, when choosing a puppy for life the vips choose a puppy that has a Pedigree WDF for the guarantees it gives.

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