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Hi everyone, I would like to clarify a question that perhaps some have misunderstood due to poor disclosure on our part of the subject, let’s start by saying that the ICBD Club promotes and carries out a type of genetic selection always aimed at improving the dogs and specifically breeds we canine breeds also not recognized by the FCI such as native and American breeds, such as the Bully breeds to which we have dedicated a group to itself, together with their various categories, classes and types. we know that there is a real “drama” in the bully community and for this we will deal with the matter without adding our personal opinions, trying not to disrespect someone for their personal preference / style of the dog they like best.

The WDF World Dog Federation has its own registers and standards adopted mainly by the nations where the breed was born or has been recognized.

That said, we are fully aware of the split between those who support the American Bully and those who favor the Exotic Bully. To date, there have been controversies between the two groups, there have also been online personal attacks and even physical fights between fans of the two categories of Bully.

Speaking of the Exotic Bully, nowadays there are thousands of people who adore this type, but it is also true that there are just as many who despise this new breed, claiming that it is not a real breed but that it is an unhealthy one of what the American should be. Bully. Then it is true that there are just as many people who have no idea what an Exotic Bully is or the difference between this style of dog and the American Bully.

The Exotic Bully is a new breed of dog with a new “design” that began to distance itself from the American Bully as early as 2008. This new type has established itself as a separate breed from its cousin American Bully, and is still a controversial topic, with the breed standards still not definitive but in constant evolution.

One of the few descriptions or characteristics of the Exotic Bully, on which all the subjects involved in the breed seemed to agree, and that the dog must present itself with an “exaggerated” style, that is, it must have characteristics such as a smaller size and greater compactness, described as as a carrier of more “bulldog characteristics”.

the IBC Registry – International Bully Coalition Founded by Jorge Soto, owner of what many the creator of the Exotic Bully, or Mr Miagi of Bullycampline, currently runs the first and one of the largest registers for Exotic Bullies, known as IBC o International Bully Coalition. The IBC was also one of the first registries to create a breed standard for exotics. The Registry takes a politically correct position in describing how the Exotic Bully was born.

In fact important changes in the phenotype of the breed have been caused by the constant infusion of different breeds of bulldogs, even if the specific dogs used, the bloodlines or the origin of the dogs are not known because when they were introduced, the vast majority of these animals were not they were recorded in the Genealogical records, a great mistake of always doing things quietly.

The infusions were consistent enough that these dogs strayed far from the original standard for the American Bully.

The basis of most “exotics” nowadays can be attributed to the American Bully, French Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog, Shorty Bull and English Bulldog (although other types of bulldogs are also believed to have been included and related races).

Subsequently, in fact, the IBR – International Bully Register has linked the breed to itself by adopting the fullness of its characteristic mother and the yardstick that the most disparate subjects have always seen in the shows.

The Exotic Bully is an extension of the American Bully Standard. It is an established breed known for its captivating characteristics, but it must be taken into account very clearly that it is an assesting breed and not a variant of the same.

The American Bully Exotic carries a definite woow factor with its ability to deliver a block head, large amounts of increased tone and girths worthy of a much larger dog, all on a compact body.

What we find a little suspicious is that there are so few flaws in the breed standard, the main ones being the west / east feet and short or folded code (English bulldog style).

later in fact in some registers we have seen the birth of THE BULLY MICRO EXOTIC VARIANT It shares the same characteristics but is significantly smaller than the Exotic Bully but still maintains a good circumference, muscle tone and exaggerated characteristics. The Micro Exotic is determined by its fully developed height in its adulthood. The general size is 33 cm and even less from the ground to the withers. This variant, mainly due to its small size, is obtaining a strong success all over the world, but let’s remember that it is necessary to know the breed in depth to deal with the related health problems, which is common in many dog ​​breeds now.

Another of the registries that deal with Exotic Bully is the ABR or The American Bully Registry.

The ABR has also issued a standard for the exotic bully, which you can see albeit very summarized below:

The Exotic Bully is an extension of the American Bully but its appearance and features are more exaggerated and pronounced than its American Bully counterpart.

Being that the category is in its infancy, the current standards will be modified and adapted to the improvement of the breed and the breeder.

The general impression of the Bully Exotic leaves almost nothing to confuse it with any other type of Bully due to its exaggerated and extreme characteristics. Although the Bulldog’s appearance is very influential in the breed, blending is neither justified nor accepted by the ABR.

In recent years, the Bully Exotic has begun to achieve a “desired” look that is becoming more consistent and clean, this breed standard will serve as a standard by which dogs will be classified with the aim of bringing a more uniform texture to the breed, in fact even the USBR – US Bully Registry has chosen to carry this standard forward.The bully exotic should give the impression of great strength for its size, compact dog ranging from small / medium to medium / large, with a muscular body and a blocky head.

The exotic bully should have the appearance with heavy bone structure with a true bully build, the breed features a broad chest to suit the block head type (relatively large head).

The exotic bully should be easily distinguished from the distant cousin American Bully.

Although the initial standards of the various exotic registers sometimes differ, they agree on some points, namely:


  • Braids, knots and short tails, long tails
  • Extremely exaggerated or insufficient bites
  • Crooked feet (East-West)

For the future of this breed (these types of bullies are having strong success all over the world), hopefully we can start seeing exotic breeders trying to correct these defects, but as long as the registries set the standards using the bully’s excuses. exotic, or even clap dogs with these flaws, it will be an all uphill battle.

Ultimately we can enclose the Bully Exotic Standard by saying in a nutshell:

that the Clean Line of the Exotic Bully meanwhile provides a Bully without problems or problems. The physical structure is short and compact (preferably less than 33 cm tall), the muzzle is short, exaggerated features and all the traits for which those who prefer a Bully Esotic have been attracted to the breed.


  • Height: 33cm or less
  • Muzzle: 5 cm or less
  • Structure: small and compact
  • Height and length Practically the same
  • All proportional
  • No elbow protruding beyond shoulder width
  • Feet and legs narrow
  • Width of the upper skull equal to the width of the head
  • Pronounced cheeks

The cost of a puppy is far from affordable, in fact it ranges from a minimum of € 3,000 up to € 20,000 and more, based on various factors such as the physical structure, colors and ancestors of the puppy.

With this we have tried to clarify even if there are other registers that as we have said do not tolerate the advertising of the breed for various reasons, we simply advise you to always evaluate well when choosing a dog, it is done taking into account many factors and having well aware that they are living beings and that they will always need your unconditional love.

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